June 14, 2024
licensed plumber in Singapore

Is your house facing some plumbing-related issues lately? Are you wondering if you should check the problem yourself or call a Licensed Plumber in Singapore? In most cases, the second answer wins the race. This is because leaving things to the professionals is usually better for both parties.

Plumbing tasks are mostly complicated and tiring. They require both presence of mind and strength but the thing needed the most is proper knowledge about the system. Now, who can have that better than a professional?

There are times when people try and solve their plumbing issues themselves. The reason can be to save some bucks or anything else. Nonetheless, as a responsible house owner, one must consider calling a professional first.

Tasks for which you Must Call a Plumber –

Established Plumbing Services are like doctors for your plumbing system. Naturally, they’ll know the diseases and the cures better. That is, they’ll be more familiar with the difficulties you might be facing and the solutions you will need. Now the question is, what are these tasks or difficulties?


Installations come up whenever you buy a new place or renovate your old one. Nevertheless, you may also need installation services when you replace some particular appliances in your house. Installation is one task you can not possibly DIY. It involves works like cutting metals, drilling walls, altering pipelines, and so on. All these require a minimum of experience that professionals have.

Leak Repairs

Repairing a leak may be an easy task to DIY. Just get duct tape or some sort of adhesive and seal the broken area. Then what if the leaking pipe is somewhere inside the walls?

Everyone knows that while making a house, most of the wires and pipes are hidden inside the walls. So, what if, the pipe rendering the leak is the one inside? Clearly, an expert’s assistance will be the most appropriate solution here. 


Sometimes small damages, if not treated in time, turns bigger and bigger until you need replacements. There may also be situations, where your appliances are not damaged enough but you want to get a better one.

Replacements tend to be harder than installations because you need to remove the previous parts before installing the new ones. Thus, such tasks, definitely demand a Licensed Plumber in Singapore.


De-clogging is simply cleaning and ridding the system of stuck waste materials. The pipelines in a house are responsible for transporting all kinds of waste goods like organic waste and leftover foods.

As a result, certain situations may arise when these wastes solidify and clog the pipes and drains. Cleaning those is not only difficult but also very tiring. So, why bother yourself with such tiring tasks when you can simply hire a professional cleaner?

Regular Checkup

Sometimes, your plumbing system may undergo damages that are not easily noticeable. For example, there’s a faulty gas pipe in your kitchen that is gradually leaking gas but in very small quantities. You may not even realize it before the situation takes an unfavorable turn. Thus, to prevent cases like this, you must keep your system under regular check-ups. Additionally, you should get professional plumbing services in Singapore to perform those.

Why Call a Plumber When You Can DIY?

So far there have already been instances that mention the significance of calling in professional Plumbing Services. Nevertheless, the following points can grant you more clarity.


Efficiency is something a Licensed Plumber in Singapore will have plenty of. Not only do they have training but also years and years of experience. Adding those up, you get the best results. They pour their knowledge into their work in order to provide you with the most durable outcomes.

Furthermore, their expertise makes them more familiar with the situations. Consequently, they get the job done faster because they already know what the problem or its solutions can be.

Stronger Results

 As you have already read, Plumbing Services in Singapore provide stronger and longer results. That is, they work with such depth that the consequences become long-lasting. That is preferable to what you’ll want, won’t you? After all, nobody wants to face the same issues over and over again. It is better to get it done and dusted at once.


 A decent level of experience can go a long way. Experienced plumbers will reflect professionalism with their every action. They use this very professionalism to achieve great outcomes. Moreover, experiences come with a sense of responsibility which ensures even better consequences for you.


Plumbing Services possess tools that laymen don’t. Consequently, they use these tools to make their work easier, better, and faster. This equipment can complete tasks like cleaning and damage repair effectively and efficiently. In fact, their sole purpose is to help the professionals give you a quality experience.

Insured Services

Many plumbing services offer beneficial insurance policies to their genuine clients. These policies can be different. For example, there can be one which lets you enjoy free servicing after one or two paid ones.

Or, there may be contracts that urge the company to provide assistance every time you face a problem with plumbing. Nonetheless, these policies make really good deals and you should give them a chance.


Hiring a Licensed Plumber in Singapore means you won’t have to do all those extreme tasks yourself. All you have to do is sit back and let the plumbers do their job while you do your own. This, along with the previous points make it a wise decision to hire effective service-men to work on your issues.

Qualities You Must Find in Your Hired Plumber:-

 Now that you know your reasons to hire professionals, it’s finally time to sort out qualities that make a plumber so. Mentioned below are some basic traits that make a plumber brilliant at his/her job.

Core Strength and Stamina

Plumbing Services are often required to perform heavy tasks like cutting walls, carrying heavy appliances, torching metals, and more. Now, it is obvious that all these activities will demand strength as well as stamina. So, that is what you should look for in a plumber. Just imagine a plumber with weak muscle strength trying to lift up a heavy sink. Well, that’d be a disaster.


Licensed plumbers in Singapore are the ones who have chosen the job for themselves. So, they should be dedicated to it. Without dedication and genuine interest, one cannot possibly invest their best efforts in their work. Therefore, the plumber you hire should be really passionate about plumbing.


Plumbing issues can sometimes lead to emergencies. Suppose one of your pipes is leaking too much gas. In such a situation, you won’t probably have hours till your plumber arrives. Not taking immediate action can lead to highly negative impacts. Thus, a good plumber should be always punctual. That means they should not only be quick with their tasks but also with their arrival.


Imagine you found a plumber who has all the above qualities. However, the person is rude and misbehaves with their customers. They are impatient and cranky. Would that make your experience a good one? Clearly not. Thus, you should make sure to choose Plumbing Services Singapore which provides truly good customer service.


That was all about plumbers and their supremacy. Hope the post helped you gather enough knowledge on the topic. Now, it is totally up to you whether you want professional assistance or not. Nevertheless, we hope that whatever option you choose served you well.

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