June 19, 2024
hotel stay gift voucher

People who are pleased with a product or service frequently want to tell others about it. Giving something they formerly loved as a gift to other people they like is one of the finest methods to do this.

Giving a hotel stay gift voucher is a fantastic marketing tool for growing your business by attracting new clients and promoting your brand.

When the decline in international travel had an impact on the hospitality industry, hotels shifted their revenue through a variety of techniques, including reusing space, creating excellent dining experiences at home, and selling gift cards and vouchers.

It is not surprising that companies choosing to use giving as gift cards have surpassed iPhones as the most popular present for 15 years running. By 2026, the market for gift cards is anticipated to grow to US$750 billion. Gift cards have been shown to have produced the bulk of a merchant’s overall income throughout the epidemic, contributing, on average, 2-5% of the company’s entire revenue.

Along with the big holidays, such as Black Friday and Christmas, there are year-round possibilities for customers to buy gift cards and gift certificates. Birthdays, for example, account for 48% of purchases, but regional celebrations are other occasions that might boost sales during lean times in one market but peak in another.

It may be a safe bet to have a promotional calendar to mark important universal commercial holidays like Valentine’s Day and Easter, but by localizing, you may target a variety of chances all year long and boost sales of certain goods or experiences.

Hoteliers must be nimble in these challenging times to seek novel income streams to increase sales and cash flow beyond room reservations. The hotel staycation vouchers have demonstrated their ability to not only increase revenue but also increase consumer loyalty for return trips once the borders have been reopened.

The following three factors will explain why gift cards may assist businesses today:-

Boost Sales And Cash Flow

Just like a bank, increase revenues right away by having clients buy pre-paid gift cards to sustain cash flow. Gift card sales can provide funding for ongoing needs during lean times.

Not only will this bring in more consumers for subsequent trips, but it is predicted that 72% of gift card holders would increase their purchases by roughly 38%. The size of the basket can also be increased by rewarding customers with extra goodies for themselves.

Two million people are expected to still have unredeemed gift cards from the previous year. With hotel gift cards, you may quickly get paid for every gift card transaction and keep any leftovers that go unused, allowing you to keep 100% of the revenues.

No-Cost Client Acquisition

‍With gift cards, there are essentially no client acquisition expenses because patrons will return to your hotel, restaurant, or online store to consume more than they had originally planned to.

Referrals, when combined with special offers, may also help businesses develop without incurring additional costs. Re-targeting past visitors with personalized incentives might encourage them to come back. Building lasting connections requires providing loyal customers with tailored products rather than generic promos.

Additionally, operational costs are decreased as the use of a digital voucher for staycation increases and they are handled online.

Promote Your Brand

‍Events like a couples massage or a nice dinner for two at home may help you create memorable experiences at your hotel or restaurant. Find distinctive experiences that promote your property and the community it is located in, in keeping with your marketing schedule. Utilize the hotel’s reputation and branding to draw customers and promote experiences to new audiences.

Gift card recipients are also highly targeted clients with a high potential to become frequent customers, giving loyal customers the chance to demonstrate their support during difficult times at their favorite establishments. Recipients who were happy with their purchases were also more inclined to visit the store again and buy gifts for their friends and family.

One in two visitors likes to purchase their gift cards directly from the business, and 45% of customers believe that doing so guarantees fraud-proofs and exclusivity compared to third-party marketplace transactions. Give clients the option to buy gift cards after that to maintain their branded online experience.

The Power of Exploration: Why Travel Experiences are Key to Personal Growth?

Travel experiences and experience giving are the newest trends emerging in the age of the experience economy.

Travel is making a strong comeback after three years of stagnation as customers seek to fly across the globe and rekindle their passion for traveling. According to a report by Momentum Worldwide, 76% of customers worldwide would now rather spend money on experiences than tangible goods, including Peleton motorcycles and airline tickets.

It takes just a few minutes to make your travel gift. Use a picture to personalize it. Select an image from our extensive library of gorgeous, amusing, and formal pictures. Do you want to add one to your photo collection? Your photo can be uploaded. Just keep in mind that there’s a possibility that your present may be kept in the refrigerator for a while, so make an informed decision.

Customers are looking for remarkable, meaningful experiences, from off-the-beaten-path excursions to all-inclusive relaxation retreats. As tourists become more autonomous, they favor experiences that are catered to their personalities and holiday preferences. Customers are searching for premium value-added services and very distinctive offers rather than just conventional hospitality services.

Make the fantastical places mentioned in Lonely Planet a reality. Buyers can quickly present experiences in just a few clicks today instead of taking the time and effort to organize a trip, whether it’s a private Rolls Royce ride in Paris or a sunset walk in Bali. By assisting visitors in genuinely immersing themselves in the local culture and establishing meaningful connections, depart from the well-traveled tourist path and venture beyond the typical sightseeing locations.

Themed adventures centered on regional holidays, occasions, or facets of culture. Create informal, private community gatherings that let visitors peek behind the scenes to learn about old customs and get a feel for the people’s way of life. The gift of experiences enables visitors to leave with memories of practical items to take home, whether it’s discovering a new recipe from a private cooking lesson or learning about cultural heritage.

High-rated hotels attract guests who have high standards for a personalized experience. Remove the intricacies and the unknowable, and create seamless encounters so that visitors can immerse themselves in an experience they can enjoy and relax instead of worrying about the logistics.

Experience presents are considerably more important as individuals start to value spending more time together, changing gifting customs, and increasing demand for travel experience gifts. According to Adobe’s survey, 15% of people want to give an experience as a present, while a growing percentage buy promotional gift cards for their use.

Gift certificates are excellent gifts since recipients may use them at any time to reserve activities at their preferred hotels. This present offers unparalleled flexibility because it can be ordered for any amount at your discretion and electronically shipped anywhere in the globe, making it ideal for last-minute gifts.

Hotels must surpass visitors’ expectations by providing exceptional and lasting experiences. Offering extremely distinctive and distinctive experiences that transform the encounter into a narrative opportunity and one that is so unforgettable that it becomes a gift worth giving is the key to setting experiences apart from the competition.


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