June 14, 2024

The idea that women are more self-conscious of their appearance than males was very widespread back then. Women are the ones who spend the most money on beautiful clothing and accessories, a wide variety of cosmetics, and expensive aesthetic procedures to improve their physical appearances. These days, guys desire to care about their looks just as much as women do. This essay seeks to explain the causes of the current growth in male cosmetic procedures 

Currently, it’s usual to see guys wearing cosmetics, investing in a wide variety of fashionable clothes and accessories, and spending time on self-care activities like visiting the best aesthetic clinic KL for aesthetic procedures on themselves or going to the gym for their bodies.

For this one, there is a term: metrosexuals. This phrase refers to males who invest time and money to appear nice on the exterior; it is not a pejorative term, as many people incorrectly believed it to be in the past.

Yet one can’t help but ask why males adopted the aesthetic culture as well. Due to preconceptions and other prejudices against people who take better care of themselves, than was customary in the past, some people question if these things are important for males to do. Others, though, want to know whether there are any particular reasons why guys want to dress sharper than ever.

This article will also go over some of the most well-liked cosmetic procedures for guys and the reasons why they select these procedures for their bodies and faces.

Which cosmetic procedures are popular among men?

Although men and women have similar facial features, the majority of cosmetic procedures are also effective on males. Thus, just because a cosmetic procedure is popular with women does not mean that guys should refrain from getting it.

Therapies for Testosterone Aesthetics:

Some men experience abnormalities or pain as a result of an unnatural low of testosterone in their bodies. Men who have low testosterone levels are known to gain weight, have depressed moods, and have poor sex lives, among other symptoms. As a result, some men require hormone therapy, such as to increase their bodies’ testosterone levels.

There are many different alternatives and kinds of testosterone therapy available at the best aesthetic clinic Kuala Lumpur. The majority of men who receive this type of therapy are happier with the outcomes. Several people claimed to have had a better night’s sleep, more muscle and bone density, enhanced sex desire, and a noticeable change in mood patterns.


Because they are largely non-invasive and non-surgical, several men opt for Botox. They won’t be prompted to request lengthier absences at work, which might raise red flags about their absence. Like the benefits for women, it helps them seem younger and more refreshed.

Men also use Botox to treat hyperhidrosis, or excessive sweating, in addition to those treatments. Also, it aids in reducing pain brought on by diseases and ailments like migraines, cerebral palsy, strokes, fibromyalgia, and multiple sclerosis.


Men who also have this issue frequently use the procedure known to reduce chin fat. Numerous guys take Kybella to improve their appearance without even attempting it.

By eliminating the fat cells under the chin, Kybella gives users a more permanent, sculpted face shape without any extra fat accumulation. The results of Kybella may be infinite when combined with exercise, making it one of the most well-liked therapies for male looks.

Chemical Peels and Further Aesthetic Procedures:

Because these procedures are largely non-invasive, males find them to be among the most popular aesthetic procedures. As a result, it won’t produce any visible scars or wounds from surgical procedures, which are frequently connected with aesthetic procedures. Particularly chemical peels are well-known to be efficient exfoliation techniques for guys.

Besides chemical peels, males also participate in additional procedures including dermaplaning, microdermabrasion, vampire facials, and microneedling with or without plasma. These cosmetic procedures for guys help them seem better physically by giving them more youthful-looking skin. They appear considerably neater and more polished as a result.

Laser hair removal:

To get rid of unsightly body hair, particularly on the face, legs, and hips, men undergo laser hair removal procedures. The majority of males choose to undergo laser hair removal treatments on areas like their backs, chests, and in-between-the-eyes areas. To cut down on shaving time, some people choose to do it on their legs, thighs, hips, and face.

Laser therapy destroys the hair at the root, making it challenging for it to regrow. The advantages of laser hair removal include thinner to nonexistent hair and softer, more baby-like skin, especially on the face, for the patient after several sessions.

If any polishing is necessary, touch-up treatments are needed, but other than that, this is not strenuous for guys.


It’s encouraging to see males begin to care for their bodies in the same manner that women do. Men were not as preoccupied with their physical appearances back then as they are today due to shifting views on beauty standards and personal cleanliness.

These procedures are the most popular cosmetic treatments for males since they are noninvasive, quick, and cost-effectively and deliver effects nearly immediately.


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