April 18, 2024
proton x50

We are all familiar with the Proton saga. It’s one of the factors contributing to the Proton X50’s recent surge in popularity in the Malaysian market. However, this flagship model of the Proton SUV vehicle is being watched closely by every auto enthusiast. If this describes you, you will likely find all 10 of the Proton X50 below-discussed characteristics intriguing.


Unmistakable sunroof experience

This model’s conveniently extendable and flexible sunroof will let you take in the expansive view. You will like the way the morning and sunset views soak in. However, sunroofs within automobile models are still unusual to many Malaysian drivers.


Even better blind spot warnings

Get both side-by-side blind spot alerts when operating a Proton X50. It comes with both flash and buzzer sound options. Even at a slower speed, it is still possible to do this.


Every time your automobile leaves its lane, you hear a “beep” alert. This car’s lane departure warning system activates the beeping system.


Using GPS and Geo-fencing technology, locate and track your vehicle.

You will receive notifications when the Geo-fence system is activated on the associated mobile device. These alerts will tell you if your car is moving inside or outside the predetermined range.


 Good key fob to have.

Each motorist has a good experience when driving a Proton X50. This is also evident in its key fob, packed with all the features you adore. Roll down the windows before you get to the car; it might start your automobile from a distance. You may activate all of these capabilities even from the Proton vehicle app.


A sound system is so powerful it puts others to shame!

 The X50 features one of the greatest sound systems for Malaysian music fans. On your favourite highways, with the music cranked up and no care in the world, enjoy the ultimate convertible experience. The bass is steady, the speech is clear, and there are no background noises. You can feel the beat constantly thumping around you when you listen to your favourite music.


 Smoother than ever DCT gearbox

 Get to drive around the city or the country smoothly with the 7-speed DCT gearbox of the Proton X50. So, you can try the car for a test drive to see how the speed gets in your control with every gear change you initiate.


Irresistible functions must make this car your favourite!

 The Proton X50 has a full suite of ADAS functions activated so that you may drive like the best driver around. You are safe driving this vehicle through any lane or street in Malaysia. It provides suitable lane keep assistance, adaptive cruise control, autonomous emergency braking, Proton service centre near me and intelligent cruise control.


This automobile includes cutting-edge capabilities that enable it to enter self-parking mode. You complete it without incident, whether you are aiming for a parallel or perpendicular location. That is an advantage of its sophisticated control system.

In addition, the 360-degree camera configuration deserves praise. Thanks to the camera, this model can move through confined spaces more easily and freely.


Softer touch and a premium atmosphere!

 We know the Proton X50 is an innovative vehicle with many clever features. What draws notice is how this model feels and looks while you’re inside. The entire automobile, from the front end to the black roof lining, is covered in a soft-touch material.

Even the aluminium trim applied to various interior corners has a luxurious appearance. In other words, you would like to drive this automobile for a long time without feeling down or out of breath. You’ll only feel more at ease if you drive logically and wisely.


A sporty mode that is tougher

 Other convertibles provide you with faster acceleration and longer rpm. But the sporty mode on the Proton X50 offers you more powerful launches and quick acceleration. The cluster on its front panel also modifies to display information about the activated sport mode.


How much does Proton X50 cost in Malaysia?

 Proton X50 2023 is a 5-Seater SUV available in a proton price range of RM 86,300 – 113,300 in Malaysia. It is available in 6 colours, four variants, one engine, and one transmission option: Automatic in Malaysia. The X50 dimensions are 4330 mm L x 1800 mm W x 1609 mm H.


Proton X50 Features

 The Proton X50 has a long list of high-end features, including contrasting colours that give it a striking, fashionable appearance, a turbine-inspired design that adds dynamism, chromed exhaust tailpipes that give it a sporty finish, a full-colour display that highlights important information quickly, a panoramic sunroof, and a floating centre console that is cleverly designed to provide extra storage space.

Other impressive features include automatic air conditioning, which automatically regulates the cabin temperature to keep all passengers comfortable throughout the journey, and back seat air vents to keep passengers comfortable. You can adjust your driving position with the touch of a button for maximum comfort. The N95 cabin filter, which eliminates smoke particles, dust, germs, and other pollutants for healthier air, has proven to be a feature that customers like.

Featuring a digital panel display with LCD screen, the Executive and Premium models’ infotainment system receives a screen resolution of 1920 × 720 with a size of 10.25-inches, while the lower variant is given a screen with a resolution of 1024 × 600 with a size of 8-inches.

The Proton X50 boasts a GDlink mirroring feature that enables the use of smartphone apps from IOS and Android on the infotainment screen. A “Hi Proton” voice command system is available on all models and can control several aspects of the car. In contrast to the Standard and Executive variants, which can only manage infotainment systems, the Premium and Flagship models allow control of electrical systems such as air conditioning systems, power windows, and other features comparable to the Proton X70 system.



In Malaysia, the Proton X50 is a highly outstanding and well-liked automobile. Its sophisticated safety features, stylish exterior, and cosy inside are just a few elements that set it apart from the competition. Additionally, consumers find it an alluring option due to its competitively low price point.

The Proton X50 is even more intriguing due to a few little-known facts. For instance, the car’s cutting-edge entertainment system is run by software created by a Malaysian business. It includes a specialised app that enables users to remotely operate some of the vehicle’s capabilities.

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