April 18, 2024
Things To Know About SilkScreen Printing Singapore | EzGiftsg


Is not it great if we could do the designs of our clothes? Some artists can use colours to paint on fabric. But, we all are not that type of artist. So can’t we make customized clothes with our designs? That is possible with screen printing.

It has been popular throughout the world for about 200 years. Though it came into existence 2000 years ago by the Chinese people. Then it has got popularity in Western countries and Asia as well. Here you make any design or any picture to print on the clothes.

In silk, it will look more glossy. There are some important aspects of silkscreen printing singapore that you should know before opting for it. We will discuss them below.


Silkscreen printing is also known as serigraphy. ‘Seri’ means ‘silk’ and ‘graphy’ comes from ‘graphos’ which means ‘writing’ in ancient Greek. In the process, the design is cut out on paper or, on a thin sheet. The design can be made using design software like Photoshop or, illustrator. Then the design is pasted on the plain silk screen using a screen. The design is printed by rolling or, spraying the paint through the cut-out areas.


It’s not like you have to wait longer for personalized clothing. When the design is made and the arrangements are completed. It can take less than five minutes to print a t-shirt. The colour or, ink used for the printing needs to be dried. And the time depends on the quality of the ink or paint used for the printing. And once, the arrangement is done you can print as clothes as you want. So, if you are thinking about printing jerseys or outers, then it is also very useful. And it is more effective than digital printing.


The printing screen can be of any size. It is coated with light-reactive emulsion. It can have a wooden or, aluminium frame. Ink or, paints of different colours is used. A mesh screen is used to imprint the stencil. A belt dryer is used to heat the ink. So that it can last long. A flash cue is placed under the t-shirt before putting another coat on it. A squeegee is used to press the ink into the screen. And lastly, you will need a piece of silk, on which you want to the printing.


It can be a very common question – how long does the print remain intact? You don’t have to worry about washing out of colours. There have been many tests on printing methods and the use of inks to make it stay longer without getting washed out. The cloth may get torn apart, but the print will remain the same. There is no issue like fading of colours with the passing time. And silkscreen printing Singapore is very popular these days.


The important feature of it is that more colour options can be used. You cannot use many colours in one piece of cloth as the process is a little complex, but you can choose any colour for the printing. And the outcome you will get is very impressive. The colours look more vibrant than in digital printing. And there is no limit on the quantity as well. Even paper bags can also be printed in this method. If you want to put a logo or, any sign. It can be done with screen printing. You can find use it in paper bag Singapore.


You can get to express your artistic sense in your clothes by the use of it. You can make personalized designs for yourself or, for your friends as well. Not only clothes, you can even print your mugs, bottles or paper bags Singapore with silk screen printing. And if you want to paint a canvas or, poster with your ideas. That can also be easily done with silkscreen printing Singapore.


There is not much difference between the cost of digital printing and silkscreen printing. It will depend on the quantity. For larger quantities it will cost less per piece than ordering for smaller quantities. Also, the cost depends on the number of colours. The more colour you choose the more layers of printing will be needed. And that will cost higher than printing using 1 or, 2 colours.


We hope that you have got to know about silk screen printing in more detail from the above discussion. And if you were thinking about some specialized prints, then this technique can be really helpful to you. You should use good quality materials for better outcomes.

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