February 26, 2024

New HDB apartments, known as BTO flats, are introduced before they are built. Built-to-order, or BTO, is so titled because work doesn’t start until a predetermined number of the complex’s apartments have been reserved. If this threshold is not attained, the project will be discontinued. This threshold is often between 65-75%. Once the work is complete, the unbooked apartments are put on the market.

BTO flooring comes in a few varieties. Floor tiles made of glazed porcelain will be used in the kitchen and bathroom of BTO projects introduced after February 2019. Under the optional component approach, purchasers can decide to have floor finishes fitted. HDB flat floors are subject to a few limitations and regulations. There are no rules or prerequisites for installing easy-to-install flooring, such as vinyl, carpet, or linoleum. However, changing floor coverings made of tile, terrazzo, marble, homogenous, and parquet wood would call for a permit and be subject to rules regarding thickness, waterproofing, and specific places in the house. In order to prevent making any blunders, it is a good idea to become familiar with the rules.

Laminate, vinyl, and uniform unglazed porcelain tile are the most popular flooring materials in HDB/BTO apartments. All of these materials are lightweight, strong, and suitable for Singapore’s humid environment. Vinyl is well-liked for its affordability, laminate is well-liked for its simplicity of installation, and porcelain tile is most frequently used in bathrooms or kitchens because of its water-repellent properties.

Here is a comparison of the top BTO flooring and flooring materials to assist you in better comprehending the subtleties of HDB BTO flooring alternatives.

Parquet flooring 

Hardwood flooring laid out in repetitive geometric patterns is known as parquet. A surface layer of several wooden slats bonded to the base material is often used as floating timber or wooden floor tiles. The herringbone pattern, a beautiful design created by arranging long, thin wood pieces to mimic the bones of a herring, is the most recognised type of parquet flooring.

Laminate flooring

 A multi-layered synthetic material called laminate flooring has a printed surface that may imitate the appearance of wood, stone, ceramic, and other materials. A high-quality laminate can hardly be told apart from organic material. One of the least expensive flooring options available is laminate.

Vinyl BTO flooring

 Polyvinyl chloride is the primary component of vinyl flooring, a form of mixed plastic flooring. Vinyl strip flooring and luxury vinyl tile are its two primary variations. Vinyl is a readily available, adaptable, and waterproof material that is easy to install and maintain.


 The most popular form of tile in HDB houses is polished porcelain. Because of their high waterproof ratings, they are widely used in both kitchens and bathrooms. In BTO flats, ceramic tiles are also frequently used because of their dependability, cost, and simplicity of installation.

Marble flooring

 A pricey natural stone with wavy veins is a marble. Marble is produced when limestone undergoes a metamorphic crystallisation, which changes calcium carbonate into calcite crystals.

Because of its beauty, marble is a representation of wealth. In addition to being inherently cool, it is a good option for Singapore’s humid environment. Additionally, marble raises the home’s market value. However, compared to other flooring alternatives, it is significantly more costly and less durable.

Linoleum flooring

 A type of material known as linoleum flooring has a surface constructed of natural materials with a hessian or canvas backing. These substances include calcium carbonate and other mineral fillers, as well as flax seed extract, solidified linseed oil, powdered cork dust, pine resin, sawdust, and wood flour.

Lino is the most environmentally friendly flooring option because it is one of the few biodegradable materials available.

Rubber flooring

 In BTO apartments, rubber flooring isn’t extremely frequent. It is an elastic material that works best in regions with frequent intense fighting over extended periods. Garages and gyms are the most typical settings for rubber flooring.

Rubber flooring, however, provides a lot of benefits. Its springier underfoot feel than conventional floors will soften the impact of falls. Because of this, it is a secure option for flooring for kids, the elderly, and persons with impairments. Additionally, it is inexpensive, easy to install (it comes in tiles or mats), and quite resilient.

Cement screed flooring

 A concrete subfloor is covered with a layer of flooring called cement screed made of cement and sharp sand. Many HDB residences like it because of how plain and concrete it looks. A wide variety of polishes, tints, and textures are available for cement screed.

It is quite cost-effective. However, cement screed has to be sealed, must be entirely replaced after it has been worn down by traffic, and is susceptible to cracking or breaking over time.

Hardwood flooring

 Despite the fact that solid timber is not a particularly popular flooring material in Singapore, hardwood floors are still a lovely alternative with a lovely natural feel. The value of your property will increase if you install hardwood floors.

They may be sanded down to restore their original beauty after experiencing some wear and tear. To prevent water damage, however, hardwood floors need to be chemically sealed. Although certain varieties of timber are more affordable than others, they are nevertheless expensive to buy and install.

Epoxy floors

 Using polymer resins and hardeners, epoxy is a protective covering. To seal and safeguard the surface from deterioration, apply epoxy to different types of floors. Epoxy can shield various flooring, including polished concrete, terrazzo, marble, and wood.

Final Talk 

Singapore offers a diverse array of top-notch options for BTO flooring, ensuring that homeowners can find the perfect fit for their preferences and needs. Parquet and laminate flooring provide a timeless and elegant appeal, while vinyl BTO flooring offers durability and versatility. Tiles, marble flooring, and linoleum flooring offer a range of aesthetic choices, while rubber and cement screed flooring are durable and functional. Epoxy floors provide a seamless and polished look, while hardwood flooring adds a touch of natural beauty. With these ten best options, residents can select the ideal flooring solution that suits their style, budget, and lifestyle requirements. And for that, contact Xingfloors, which also offers plastic composite wood, a durable and eco-friendly flooring option for BTO homes.

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