June 19, 2024
Ayurveda In Singapore

Ayurveda, a traditional Indian medical system, is less popular in Singapore than other traditional healing methods like acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

However, there is still a small but growing group of Ayurvedic practitioners and devotees in Singapore.

Several Ayurvedic clinic in Singapore provides a variety of Ayurvedic treatments, including detoxification, massage, and dietary counseling. Ayurvedic practices are also incorporated into yoga classes at some Singaporean studios.

Ayurveda is regarded as a form of complementary medicine by the Singaporean government, which has established regulatory frameworks to guarantee the quality and safety of Ayurvedic goods and services in the country.

In general, although Ayurveda is not as well-known as other traditional healing methods in Singapore, it is still present and is gradually gaining popularity.

Why Visiting Ayurvedic Hospitals And Doctors Can Improve Your Health And Well-Being?

Today, we go to a big private hospital for any little ailment. We all frequently make the error of judging a book by its cover. We persuade ourselves that because these private hospitals have excellent facilities, the care they offer must also be the greatest. However, some private hospitals in Singapore now use the medical sector as a source of revenue. The majority of hospitals are robbing us, from utilizing people as their commodities to making foot-long invoices for something as basic as a cold and cough treatment.

So what’s the other option? Finding the best Ayurvedic doctor in Singapore.

Recognizing Ayurveda:

Ayurved is a branch of medicine that originated in India more than 5000 years ago. Even though this amazing technology was developed in India, the majority of Indians prefer to ignore it. Before we can understand the benefits of Ayurved, we must first understand what it is, which is a valid approach to cure a person’s illness using purely natural means. It is not some sort of fruitless hocus-pocus.

Due to its many advantages, Ayurved is currently becoming more well-known in the West and entering the general healthcare system. Numerous doctors, chiropractors, naturopaths, herbalists, and nutritionists are implementing Ayurvedic principles for better treatment. In the West, even Ayurvedic goods are in demand.

First of all, maintaining harmony between your mind, body, and spirit is essential for optimal health, according to Ayurveda. Living a long and healthy life is attainable after you do this. And Ayurveda advises you to live a stress-free existence by meditating, eating healthfully, and exercising frequently.

Each person is believed to be composed of five components in Ayurveda. They are space, earth, wind, water, and fire. Therefore, albeit in various proportions, every one of us has these five components. Thus, these five components are further divided into Ayurveda’s three doshas.

Vata, Pitta, and Kapha are the three. Air and space components make up the Vata dosha, while fire and water make up the Pitta dosha, and earth, water, and fire make up the Kapha dosha.

According to Ayurveda, a person being unwell is a result of an imbalance between these factors that are already within us. As a result, it’s crucial to establish dosha equilibrium before treating the condition.

Advantages Of Ayurveda:

  • Ayurveda offers cost-effective solutions for living a healthy life. Ayurvedic products are incredibly efficient and won’t break the bank. These items may be purchased from legitimate internet ayurvedic retailers.
  • The Ayurvedic treatment is safe and has no known adverse effects. Some herbs, including Ashwagandha, Triphala, etc., can be frequently eaten for optimum health. You may get these wonderful herbs in pill form from some online ayurvedic retailers.
  • Many people nowadays experience excessive stress and anxiety. With the aid of Ayurveda, it is readily treated using purely natural methods. In Singapore, there are several skilled Ayurvedic doctors available for consultation.
  • Today, improper metabolism is a serious problem. Ayurveda in Singapore not only promotes keeping a healthy weight but also provides excellent therapy for various ailments. Consult with ayurvedic doctors and purchase goods that are appropriate for your situation.
  • Asthma may be avoided with Ayurveda.
  • Ayurveda also aids in the treatment of several terminal illnesses, including cancer, HIV, etc.

An Inside Look: Understanding The Process And Procedures Of A Visit To An Ayurvedic Doctor

Ayurvedic exams typically have three sections:


By watching the patient’s motions, body contour, skin and eye color, face lines and ridges, nose shape, and characteristics of the lips, hair, and nails, the practitioner initially assesses the patient’s overall physical health.

Touch (Sparsha):

After that, the practitioner uses touch in the form of palpation (also known as sparshanam in Ayurveda), auscultation (listening for noises created by the internal organs), and percussion or tapping (akotana). The patient’s speech, tongue, nails, and pulse are all given extra attention. This area also covers laboratory testing.


The doctor inquires about the patient’s complaints and symptoms, as well as the length of their suffering and the course of their illness. The doctor also asks about psychological and mental health issues.

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