April 18, 2024
outdoor furniture Singapore

There isn’t a perfect furniture material that can resist every type of wear and tear. It’s crucial to know the benefits and drawbacks of each material based on the needs you have for your outdoor furniture Singapore. See this brief guide for the best materials for outdoor patio or balcony chairs, tables, benches, and other furniture.

Considerations for Selecting Outdoor Furniture Materials

Outdoor furniture has more durability standards than inside furniture. Even amid weather changes and other unforeseen outside situations, an outdoor furniture item has to maintain its finest condition as much as feasible. Although you want your indoor furniture to be lightweight and practical for conserving space, your outdoor furniture has to be made of stronger and more durable materials to survive strong winds or harsh weather changes.

Rain and humidity damage

Materials for outdoor furniture are designed to withstand dampness and rain. You need to be sure that your materials can resist changing weather conditions and water retention if you live in a place with a lot of rain and high humidity, which may cause moisture to accumulate on your outdoor furniture.

The harm caused by rust

Another outcome of oxygen and moisture is rusting. You should consider the likelihood of rust accumulation while purchasing outdoor furniture. Metal is the substance that rusts and corrodes the fastest.

Decaying and mould

The presence of fungus, which turn into mould and are quite unpleasant when they do, is a sign of wetness and humidity. Fungus are also unhealthy because they can irritate the skin and trigger allergies. Natural materials like wood are susceptible to mould growth and degradation when they retain moisture. 

Fading of colour

Some outdoor furniture materials lose their colour when exposed to sunshine. Additionally, due to continuous exposure to sunshine, your furniture item loses its sparkle. Materials that are more prone to yellowing include plastic and outdoor fabric.

Cracking or warping

Your outdoor furniture may break or lose its natural shape when exposed to rain and sunshine because of abrupt weather changes. The hardware that keeps the furniture together is also affected by the continual exposure to rain and sunshine. Plastic, concrete, and wood are prone to warping or developing cracks.

What materials are best for your outdoor furniture?

Knowing your regular weather conditions can help you choose outdoor furniture Singapore that lasts many years. Different outdoor furniture materials have advantages and disadvantages based on your needs.

Wooden furniture

Wood offers its inherent beauty in creating indoor and outdoor furniture. Hardwoods, particularly teak wood, are praised for their exceptional durability and ability to withstand several climatic variations. Teak wood is an excellent choice if you are ready to pay extra for high-quality outdoor furniture. This excellent material offers visual cosiness and warmth and is sturdy enough to withstand warping, cracking, and decay because of its natural oil content and water resistance. Teak wood does not expand or draw insects when exposed to dampness and humidity. To preserve the quality of softwood materials, special attention must be used. Eucalyptus and white oak are other top-notch timber options.

Made with metal

Metal is a fantastic material because of its elegance, versatility, and durability for more economical furniture solutions. Metal furniture supports various arrangements and styles, making it ideal for any design concept. Metal keeps the heat longer and absorbs it more readily than wood, making it uncomfortable to sit on in the sun. Also susceptible to rust and corrosion is metal. Innovations that make the metal less rust-prone are beneficial thing. The elegance and quality of contemporary metal furniture are currently preserved via powder coating.

Natural wicker furniture

Natural wicker furniture pieces exude warmth and charm with ease. Any topic gains a distinctive charm from the handmade details. Wicker is not a hardy material that can be utilised outside. Thank goodness there is a synthetic substitute that retains the allure of wicker while being more weatherproof. When creating outdoor furniture, polyethene resin is utilised to emulate the distinctive elegance of wicker while also being strong and portable.

Furniture made of plastic

Looking for outdoor furniture that can withstand water? You could consider using plastic patio furniture to improve your outside décor. Plastic furniture pieces are portable and adaptable. They are available in many shapes, sizes, and colours. Due to their pressure and heat resistance, plastic furniture components, including stackable chairs for your patio, are pleasant.

Fabric furniture

Natural fabric might not be the greatest option for your outdoor design. Still, synthetic fabric furniture is an option if you want to include the comfort of fabric and cushions in your outdoor design. Polyester, acrylic, and vinyl materials can withstand moisture and sun damage. 

Sintered stone

Sintered stone is a classy and reliable option for any outdoor design, known for its abundant beauty and toughness. It is simple to maintain and UV-resistant. Sintered stone material keeps its form and colour even after extended exposure to dampness and sunshine. Sintered stone is a fantastic outdoor substitute for marble due to its sophisticated appearance. 

Adding concrete

Concrete is frequently used in outdoor projects and for good reason. Concrete has several uses. You may shape it to make various designs that go with your theme. As a basis for other furniture materials like tempered glass, concrete can also be used. When adding concrete to your design, remember that it is heavy. 


What criteria are used to select the right material for your outdoor furniture? You ought to be aware of your demands and the design you want. Do you spend time in your outside area relaxing, eating, or just being alone? You need something comfortable for your outside chair, of course. To accommodate your family, you should get an outdoor table if you are putting up an outside eating area. An outdoor furniture set could be a great option for smaller seating spaces. And for that, you can contact MARQ, the company that offers a wide range of outdoor lounge furniture Singapore.

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