May 24, 2024
buddhist funeral package

Do you ever find yourself wondering about Buddhist funeral practices? Are you perhaps a Buddhist yourself who needs to arrange a funeral for someone you knew? If that is the case then you must be searching for a good service partner right now. Well, good luck with your search.

However, before choosing a service partner, you must first learn in detail about what all the services offer. That is, you need to have a clear idea of what services you are receiving when in a Buddhist Funeral Package. Worry no more, for that, is what this blog talks about.

Here you can find deep insights with clarity regarding what a Buddhist funeral package consists of. Not only will the information help you scavenge a good service, but also will assist you with the preparations. From this blog, you can understand what you personally need to do while arranging a funeral.

Services Offered to you in a Buddhist Funeral Package:-

The blog brings to you a list of all those activities and tasks that a Buddhist Funeral in Singapore usually performs. They are nothing but some ritualistic chores that Buddhists believe would help the deceased souls find their peaceful afterlife. The entire process is meant to support their journey to heaven. So, here it goes:-

Traditional Cremation

The first concern is certainly the body of the deceased and the question of what to do with it. Well, Buddhists prefer cremating the corpse rather than burying it. So, that is what the services offer.

They provide nicely crafted caskets which are usually made of half glass. The insides generally have blankets and pillows to make the journey comfortable for the soul. Then they send the bodies for cremation along with the caskets and all the fabrics. A good Funeral Undertaker will offer this service for everybody you bring.

Ceremonial Prayer Service

Next, comes the time for the ceremonial prayer service. First and foremost, there has to be an altar somewhere at the center of the space. This is where people will gather for the prayers. Then there must be present some qualified monks and priests who will initiate the process for you.

They will usually lead with the prayers and chanting which the guests and the family members will follow. These prayers are supposed to help the spirit leave the world peacefully. The incantations in a Buddhist Funeral in Singapore also guide them to their blissful afterlife. 

Funeral Wake Arrangements

Once the cremation is complete, you get to start making arrangements for the wake. Sometimes, however, people choose to perform both the wake and the cremation together. They do this seven days after the actual death takes place.

Buddhists believe that the spirits of deceased people take seven days to completely let go of their Earthly ties. The seventh day is when they leave their mortal bodies once and for all and depart for the great beyond. Therefore, this is the time most Buddhists choose to hold the funeral as well as the wake.

Memorial Services

Now, it is your time to tend to your guests which you do by arranging a full-fledged memorial service. Certainly enough, a  Buddhist Funeral Package takes care of that too. This is the moment when the family, friends, and relatives come together to grieve the loss.

People read eulogies and give emotional speeches about the deceased. The basic idea is to share each other’s pain and overcome the loss together. It’s easier that way, isn’t it? Nevertheless, hosting such a memorial service is not as easy. There are a lot of stuff that you need to keep in mind. Keep reading if you seek more clarity.

Floral Decors

People tend to decorate most of their events with flowers and fresh blossoms. Be it a happy occasion, a sad one, or even a formal one, flowers go with everything. In fact, there are different flowers that are best suited for different situations, including funerals.

Furthermore, flowers play a vital part in such an event for it makes its surroundings sacred. Many cultures also believe that flowers can directly connect you to the divine. As a result, a Funeral Undertaker chooses to pay special attention to floral arrangements.

Catering for Guests

The next one is very important as well. It is the catering service for guests. In any event, food is a must. You can’t possibly let your guests return home with empty stomachs. Thus, it becomes your responsibility as a host to make sure they are served and fed properly. You can do that using the catering services a  Buddhist Funeral Package provides.

The Buddhist culture prohibits non-vegetarian meals at their funerals and wakes. Therefore, the services prepare a full-course vegan meal to serve to your guests. Also, you can choose the menu yourself if you want to. At the end of the day, the priority is your guests and their comfort.


That was all that you might need to know about a Buddhist funeral service. It is quite a detailed process, don’t you think? Nevertheless, we hope that the information you required here was helpful to you. Using it you can now host an efficient and smooth funeral. Not to forget, this also might help you judge the services and choose a great one for your own needs.

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