February 24, 2024
fix water pipe leak

Do you want to know how to cure a concealed pipe leakage Singapore in your house before it causes damage to the floors, walls, and ceilings? The common scenarios that could occur are covered in this article.

Do you know the price of replacing a carpet? Consider hardwood flooring. Are ceilings and walls made of plaster or drywall? What about a few items you maintain as personal property in your house, such as books or electronics?

As many homeowners’ insurance policies do not cover maintenance concerns, you can be responsible for all of this if your plumbing has a slow leak that goes unnoticed for a time. Unfortunately, your final bill can be in the hundreds.

Do you want to learn how to locate and repair typically hidden water leaks? – Follow this until the end.

Common Water leaks from covered pipes:

Water leaks behind walls:

 The most typical kind of hidden leak happens in the pipes that run behind the walls of a house. Pinhole leaks and tiny fissures can occur under the right circumstances and drip water for months before being noticed. So it’s essential to watch for warning signals, including drywall bulging or sagging, the smell of mildew, and running water.

You will need to cut a hole in your wall to access the pipe once you’ve found a potential leak in a concealed pipe. From there, you must stop the leak until the pipe can be changed by an emergency plumber near me.

Leaky toilet flanges:

 The toilet flange is the device that joins the toilet fixture to the sewer line below it. The flooring and ceiling underneath the toilet may sustain severe damage if the flange leaks.

You might be able to see water dripping from the toilet’s base, but you should also keep an eye out for stained ceiling tiles, wobbly floorboards, or broken floor tiles. Once you’ve located the issue, you might need to disassemble the toilet and reassemble it using a new flange or wax seal.

Leaky sink supply lines:

Under-the-sink supply lines leaking are another frequent occurrence. Every sink in your house has to have a routine check to ensure no water is pouring beneath it. To check for moisture, run a dry paper towel the entire length of the supply lines.

How do you tell if your plumbing problem is a true emergency, and how do you handle it like a pro?

You take pleasure in maintaining your house in peak condition as a homeowner. Yet, no matter how hard you work, something might still go wrong; when it does, it can be a huge hassle.

Plumbing issues are among the most frequent household emergencies. Plumbing problems, such as burst pipes and clogged drains, may be annoying, filthy, and even deadly.

Yet, when should you call an emergency plumbing service?

We’ll look at 3 indications in this section that it’s time to pick up the phone and contact the experts:

If something goes wrong, you generally only give your plumbing much thought as a homeowner. It might be easy to become anxious and attempt to handle a plumbing situation alone.

Here’s when to call a licensed plumber in Singapore:

Your residence is flooded:

Although it is not pouring outside, water is dripping as you awaken. When you leave the bed, you see that the floor and your feet are both sopping wet. You discover that your house is overflowing all of a sudden!

Regrettably, there is a better time to attempt a do-it-yourself solution to the issue. It’s time to make an emergency plumbing call instead.

Many issues, such as busted pipes, backed-up sewage, and clogged drains, can result in flooding in a property. Despite this reason, it’s critical to take quick action. Your home will suffer more damage the longer you wait.


Your sewer is reversing:

The water does not decrease after flushing the toilet. Instead, it overflows over the top of the bowl and rises.

Gross! The moment has come to hire experts since this is a warning that your sewage system is backing up.

Tree roots and obstructed pipes are two common causes of sewer backups. You don’t want to meddle with it, regardless of the cause. In addition to being repulsive, sewage is harmful to your health. Therefore don’t hesitate to call the experts if you’re experiencing a sewer blockage.

You have many clogged drains:

The drain in your shower is blocked. Your sink in the kitchen is blocked. Your toilet no longer flushes.

What is happening? Call an emergency plumber if you have several clogged drains.

Many clogs might indicate a more severe issue, such as an obstruction in your primary sewer system. This can cause sewage blockages and other unpleasant problems if left unchecked

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