April 18, 2024
double decker bed
Inside this blog! We have explored 7 important things to consider while buying a double decker bed. For more information visit our website.

Sharing a room is always an adventurous experience for every kid and even students. Bunk beds are one of the most important options for a family when peering children in the same room. Choosing the right double decker bed will ensure everyone is happy and reduce quarrels over sleeping space. Bunk beds will develop their abilities to care for their possessions as everyone is responsible for their sleeping conditions.

A double-decker bed is an excellent choice for people who have limited space but need to accommodate multiple sleepers. Whether you are buying one for your kids’ room or a guest bedroom, there are several important points to consider to ensure you make the best purchase for your needs.

In this blog, we’ll look at 7 important points to consider when buying a double-decker bed.

Space Between double decker bed

Before purchasing a double-decker bed frame, it is important to take into account the distance between the beds on a specific bunk bed. This is so that double-decker beds serve as the ideal sitting and reading area in addition to being used for sleeping. Before inserting the upper half, the lower portion must be roomy enough for the person to sit comfortably.

Who Is This For?

The double-decker bed will accommodate how many children—one? Four? The sky is the limit regarding how far double-decker beds have advanced. The ability to customize anything to meet your demands is especially true if you deal with a bespoke kid’s bedmaker like Maxtrix Kids! Consider the age of the person you are purchasing for as well. Are they prepared for a lofty double-decker bed, or should they begin lower to the ground? Do they require more substantial steps to enter, such as those seen in a double-decker bed with stairs, or can they securely use a straight or inclined ladder? Make sure the design you choose is suitable for your child.


The size is the first point to consider when buying a double-decker bed. Double-decker beds come in different sizes, so choosing one that fits the space available is essential. It’s also important to consider the size of the people using the bed. If you buy a double-decker bed for children, choose a smaller size to ensure their safety.

The layout of the bedroom

The Double-decker beds must be placed with at least one wall, preferably two, facing it. A sleeper should have as few sides as possible to roll out of. This is also useful for youngsters not sleeping on the top bunk. Guardrails are on every top bunk; however, it’s wise to use additional caution.

Likewise, keep the ceiling in mind. Although the top level varies depending on the manufacturer, bunk beds are elevated above the ground. It’s possible for the person sleeping on the top bunk to touch the ceiling, the lights, or the fan.

Double-decker beds Frame Height

The Double-decker bed’s height is just as crucial as the bed itself. High-ceiling rooms work well with any Double-decker beds and can even fit up to three beds on one tier. However, if the ceiling in your kids’ room is low, you might not be able to sit in your Double-decker beds, or you might be able to lower the height of the top bunk slightly. Ensuring adequate room between the ceilings and the top bunk is crucial. We also provide locker in Malaysia.

steel locker

How long do you need a Double-decker bed?

Is this a long-term solution, or will two children share a room for a while? Check to see whether your children will outgrow the bunk bed soon if you plan to use it for a while. Verify the upper bunk’s weight restriction. Most weigh about 100 pounds, but more youngsters experience this in middle school. Check the space between the beds as well. The individual at the bottom must be able to sit upright comfortably.

Storage Option

You should consider purchasing a bunk bed with storage choices, as modern houses are often cramped. This will help you manage the available space. For winter storage of blankets, additional pillows, and bed linens, storage bunk beds provide a sizable amount of room. Even storybooks for sleep and stage accessories for a play can be kept in the storage drawer if your youngster enjoys listening to stories.


Another crucial factor to take into account is the bed’s design. Double-decker beds are available in various forms, from straightforward and practical to ornate and aesthetically pleasing. Pick a design that complements the room’s decor and your personal preferences.


Double-decker beds come at a variety of pricing points, from more affordable versions to more expensive ones. Establishing a budget and picking a mattress that falls within it is crucial. Remember that the cost may change based on the bed’s size, composition, and features.


Finally, when purchasing a double-decker bed, consider the assembly process. While some beds may have instructions for DIY assembly, others might need professional assembly. It’s critical to select a bed whose assembling matches your degree of skill.


Size, material, safety, storage, style, pricing, and installation are important aspects to consider carefully when purchasing a double-decker bed. Making the correct buy for your requirements and tastes may be assured by taking the time to think about these factors. A double-decker bed may be a great investment for your house since it offers spacious sleeping quarters for several people and pleasant resting arrangements. Fierro specializes in steel furniture lockers in Malaysia and metal beds for hostels and dormitories.

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