June 19, 2024
laser hair removal treatments

laser hair removal treatments

Laser hair removal has come a long way in recent years, with technological advancements making it suitable for all hair and skin colours. If the prospect of permanent hair removal (and smooth skin) appeals, you should start investing now, given that winter is the ideal time for laser treatment.


How does laser hair removal work?

Laser hair removal damages the follicle by focusing on the hair at the root. The melanin around the hair follicle absorbs the laser’s light energy when it penetrates the skin. The hair follicle naturally contains melanin. When laser-targeted at the proper stage of hair growth, the bulb is damaged, and the hair follicle overheats, inhibiting future hair growth. Photo thermolysis is the name of the procedure.

To guarantee that all hairs are removed across their various hair cycle growths, a series of laser hair removal treatments is advised for the best outcomes.


What are the key benefits?

Laser Hair is a Long-Term Solution

The hair grows back after shaving in a few days. Waxing buys you a whole week—or two if you’re lucky. We don’t live that kind of life.

Your hair is permanently removed via laser hair removal. You’ll see decreased hair growth after only one session. The hair then completely stops growing back after several sessions. If a hair pops up again, a short touch-up will eliminate it. Never again will you have to worry about shaving or waxing!


Laser Hair Removal Saves You Money

Laser hair removal treatments can save you a lifetime of spending on razors and waxing treatments since it produces lasting results. Of course, there is a starting fee, as most beauties need 6–12 sessions for the effects to last. After completing your course of laser treatments, the only future maintenance you’ll need to pay for is the odd touch-up. It is a no-brainer if you typically choose to wax. The cost of a single laser hair removal treatment is somewhat more than that of a typical waxing procedure.


Laser Removal Leaves Your Skin Softer

Laser hair removal treatments make your skin so silky and smooth, one of our favourite advantages. A laser at the root directly targets the hair. This ensures that your skin will remain as smooth as possible without any coarse stubble. In comparison to waxing, it is also less prone to result in bumps, making it the greatest option for achieving the smoothest finish possible.


Laser Hair Removal is Quick

Even though the laser isn’t the only option for permanent hair removal, it is unquestionably the fastest. The only procedure that can compete with laser in terms of lifespan is electrolysis, but each treatment is far more time-consuming. While electrolysis is painfully slow, a laser can remove multiple hairs at once. The procedure only works on one follicle at a time and hurts.


What does this mean? While electrolysis can take hours, the laser allows you to enter and exit the spa during lunch.


What are the side effects?

The skin may seem red or elevated right after treatment, like goosebumps; this is normal and should fade away in an hour or two. Following the procedure, the skin might feel a little itchy.

Occasionally, the lasered hair may come back slightly thicker than before in the initial sessions, but it will eventually go away with additional sessions. This is frequently the case with men’s thick, dense hair on the back or chest.


How many sessions do you need?

In most cases, eight sessions over four to eight weeks are sufficient; nevertheless, your therapist will change the laser treatment’s frequency and intensity to suit your reaction. Each body area may require a session of between 15 and 60 minutes. It takes less time to treat smaller portions of the face; for example, two minutes would be needed to treat the upper lip.

There will be a significant improvement in hair regeneration after the first session, even though clients should finish all sessions to see the full effects.

For How Long Does the Effect of Laser Hair Removal Treatment Lasts?

Permanent laser hair removal can only be done after years of constant laser treatment to destroy the hair follicles, preventing new hair from growing. One can only reduce hair permanently after using laser therapy for a number of years. When receiving laser hair reduction treatment, if all the parameters have been taken into account and the treatment is carried out at the proper stage of hair growth, we can ensure that a top-up session is only necessary once a year until achieving complete and permanent hair removal. We also provide armpit hair removal.


Is the process painful?

Most customers say laser hair removal is equally pleasant to other hair reduction techniques. As the procedure is spread over several sessions, laser hair removal should not hurt as much as waxing. It can also be considered safer than waxing and does not result in bleeding. While there is no guarantee that laser hair removal will be painless, there are techniques your therapist can employ to minimise any discomfort. These include using specially formulated lotions, a cool-air fan (often integrated into the device), and adjusting the laser’s settings.


Is laser hair removal safe?

Over a long period of time, laser technology has developed and is still evolving. Although all treatments, including laser hair removal, can have side effects (which your therapist will discuss with you during a consultation), it is an incredibly safe procedure when used properly by skilled practitioners. Our clinics only use the most recent medical-grade laser technology backed by published research to ensure efficient and secure treatments.



 Laser therapy may help you eliminate hair effectively and prevent it from growing back for relatively long periods. Still, it does require consistency and an expert’s supervision for the best results. Consult our expert Musee a hair removal near me in Malaysia that provides its customers with beauty and peace of mind through reliable hair removal treatments.

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