April 18, 2024
breast cancer physiotherapist

breast cancer physiotherapist

With a grim prognosis, breast cancer affects millions of individuals worldwide. In addition to the physical challenges of cancer treatment, such as surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation, many women also experience emotional and psychological stress. The good news is that a physiotherapy clinic Singapore can aid in strength and mobility restoration after breast cancer treatment.

Physiotherapy’s Role in Helping Breast Cancer Survivors Regain Strength and Confidence

Exercise-based recovery is a treatment that aims to protect and restore actual capabilities. Physiotherapy can help people with breast cancer improve their range of motion, decrease distress and pain, and increase resilience and endurance. Nonetheless, the benefits of physiotherapy extend beyond the physical. It can also help women regain confidence, improve their self-perception, and reduce stress and dissatisfaction.

Lymphedema, where extra liquid accumulates in the tissues and causes swelling and pain, is one of breast cancer therapy’s most common unfavourable effects. Lymphedema, a long-term symptom of illness therapy, can significantly reduce a woman’s pleasure.

Physiotherapy can help reduce lymphedema with exercises, manual lymphatic drainage, and pressure treatment. Working with a physiotherapist can help women manage their side effects and reduce their risk of developing lymphedema.

Following breast cancer surgery, physiotherapy can help women restore their range of motion and flexibility, another benefit. Women may have restricted movement in their arms, shoulders, and chest after some types of surgery, making routine tasks challenging. To aid women in regaining strength and range of motion in the affected areas, a physiotherapist can design a training plan specifically tailored to them. Along with improving physical performance, this may also boost one’s confidence and self-worth.

Lastly, physiotherapy helps relieve fatigue and discomfort after breast cancer treatment. Many women experience fatigue and pain due to their physical and mental exhaustion from cancer treatment. A physiotherapist may instruct women in relaxation techniques, breathing exercises, and gentle stretches to help manage discomfort and weariness. Working with a physiotherapist can help women learn how to save energy and manage the physical demands of cancer treatment.

It is impossible to emphasize the value of physiotherapy in treating breast cancer. Women who work with a physiotherapist can enhance their physical function, lessen pain and swelling, and increase their strength and stamina. However, perhaps more importantly, physiotherapy may help women restore their confidence, enhance their body image, and lessen their worry and depression. Physiotherapy is vital for breast cancer patients who want to recover and move on.

Finding a reliable breast cancer physio in Singapore

Breast cancer is one of the most prevalent cancers among women worldwide, including in Singapore. Following breast cancer treatment, rehabilitation may be physically and emotionally taxing. Physical therapy is a crucial component of the healing process for those who have survived breast cancer.

Breast cancer survivors can regain their strength, mobility, and confidence with the help of a breast cancer physiotherapist with experience in breast cancer rehabilitation. Treatment for breast cancer, including surgery and radiation, can cause some physical issues, such as pain, stiffness, and lymphedema. These symptoms can be lessened, and quality of life enhanced with the help of physiotherapy.

When looking for a qualified physiotherapist for breast cancer rehabilitation, it is crucial to receive recommendations from healthcare professionals like your oncologist, breast surgeon, or primary care physician. They might be able to put you in touch with a physical therapist who has experience working with breast cancer patients.

On websites like the Singapore Physiotherapy Association, you may get a list of Singapore’s licensed physiotherapists. Look for physiotherapists with breast cancer rehabilitation experience.

Reading reviews from other breast cancer survivors who have worked with physiotherapists is also a good idea. Look for reviews about their company on their website, social media, and other online forums. You will have a better idea of physiotherapy from this.

Examine the physiotherapist’s credentials, training, education, and professional certifications. Verify their registration and licensing with the relevant professional organizations in Singapore. A respectable physiotherapist will be qualified and knowledgeable enough to provide breast cancer survivors with the best care.

Consider the physiotherapist’s background. Find a physiotherapist who has expertise in treating breast cancer patients. Inquire about their expertise, therapeutic technique, and what to expect from the recovery process.

Make an appointment with the physiotherapist to discuss your wants and concerns. After getting to know them better, you can determine if the physiotherapist is a suitable fit for you. Ask them about their treatment strategy and what to expect from the healing process during the session.

Finally, women with breast cancer in Singapore must choose a physiotherapist with a solid reputation and experience in breast cancer rehabilitation. Physiotherapy helps breast cancer patients regain strength, mobility, and confidence following treatment. It is crucial to the rehabilitation process. Following the steps above, you may select a reliable physical therapist who can offer you or a loved one who has survived breast cancer the finest possible therapy.

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