February 25, 2024
Fresh Prawns Singapore

Most of us cannot tell if the seafood we eat has just been caught or has been out of the ocean for a considerable time. It is crucial to know if the food is fresh rather than where it originated, particularly in a place like Singapore, where there are markets where only frozen seafood is sold. Ultimately, you should receive fresh prawns or cod fish delivery if you pay for freshness.

Take Home:

According to logic, the time that seafood spends out of water is inverse to how fresh it is. If it isn’t iced, the freshness decreases the longer it is out of water. In Singapore, several “on-field” fish vendors show their catch in full sunshine.

Its freshness will unquestionably be lost as a result. So, the next time you buy it, attempt to learn when it was discovered. When purchasing live crabs, live lobsters, etc., you can be certain that they are fresh, but when purchasing fish, the vendor’s legitimacy is crucial.

The capture process is as follows: when caught in deep waters, it may take the trawlers one or more days, sometimes even longer, to return to land. The trawlers have enormous ice bins. Although not frozen, the trawlers surely have refrigerators to keep the fish fresh. When it reaches the beach, it is distributed to various marketplaces and often sold on the same day. If not, they are immediately deep-frozen and sold. Therefore, it is crucial to purchase fresh prawns Singapore as soon as it is caught.


Make sure the eyes are tidy. The fish has been out if its eyes are red, gelled, or obscured.


Your thumb can open the gill while your index finger is kept close to the eye. It needs to be maroon or crimson. Fish is probably not fresh if it is white, gelled, or pale pink.


There is no scent of fowl when the fish is fresh. However, when a fish is chopped, the scent of the blood is sometimes mistaken for the fragrance of an old fish. The fish begins to release a fowl scent after being in the sun for an extended time. Avoid purchasing dead or crabs that have been sliced for an extended time, especially when buying crabs.

Body Texture:

The flesh shouldn’t be too tender. Give it a gentle push to feel the texture. Particularly the region next to the stomach. If you purchase frozen fish, it will have a rigid feel. But the focus of this blog is a novelty.


When certain fish, like silver pomfrets, remain out of the water for an extended time, their fins take on a darker or blackish hue.

Eventually, buying and eating fresh fish rather than stale, rotting fish becomes everyone’s philosophy. We hope this post aids you in selecting the appropriate seafood from the appropriate source.

Navigating the Singapore Fish Market: Online or In-Person?

We’ve been going to the neighborhood fish market to get fresh fish. After the epidemic and widespread lock-down procedures, we have grown accustomed to purchasing fresh fish from internet retailers.

Here are the top 3 distinctions we were able to establish between online and market purchases of seafood:


Fishing requires a lot of processing, which takes time. The trawlers return with fish within two to ten days after leaving port. When the trawlers return to port, the fish are unloaded and taken to local and distant markets, where the dealers may purchase them for a discount. The fish sellers may drive them to the fish markets or sell them to residents individually.

The fish is frequently left out in the open for lengthy periods, sometimes for the whole day. The fish becomes old as a result. The fish should ideally be kept at lower or freezing temperatures until eating if it is not alive, which is typically not the case with fish markets.

In contrast, internet vendors wrap it in airtight containers when the trawlers unload it and keep it chilled until delivery. This guarantees no exposure to a warmer environment and maintains freshness.


Customers at the fish market can only purchase what is offered. On the other hand, if you are familiar with your internet vendors, you may ask them for unusual seafood.

Therefore, you may always verify and make a reservation with your providers. Some unusual fish have far superior flavors than our “regular” fish. We have always offered and sold seafood that is readily available and easy on the vendor’s wallet. How many vendors specifically deliver giant tiger prawns, mussels, and lobsters?


Customers can haggle with the vendor until they get the fish at their price at the fish market. They won’t be able to do the same with online vendors, but they should take advantage of their year-round sales, promotional offers, and holiday deals, which you won’t find at the fish market. Fish dealers do not give deals or promotions as online suppliers do throughout the year.

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