June 15, 2024

What causes breakouts on a specific spot on your face?

Acne on your face appears mostly due to the clogged pores,Guest Posting hormones, and bacteria. The situation of an acne breakout states tons about your overall health condition and the way certain lifestyle factors are affecting you.

And you usually wondered how the best aesthetic clinics in Singapore could tell almost everything about your health just by watching your face!

The best Dermatologists bear me often ask the acne face map to spot what’s causing the breakouts. So, what’s acne face mapping?

Read on to attain an in-depth breakdown of the acne face map.

Acne Face Mapping: a fast Tour

This is widely utilized in Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine for centuries. In those days, the students used this face map to diagnose various internal issues by observing certain traits in several areas of your face. However, at that point, this was done only by clinical experience. The students and doctors in past had no other ways of diagnosing aside from the symptoms or by touching and asking questions.

But now, as life science has advanced, and the best skin doctors in Singapore follow a face map that’s supported scientific evidence for a correct and thorough diagnosis.

If you’ve got recurring acne on certain parts of your face, here is what it means.

Acne Face Map: What’s the particular Cause behind Your Acne?

Acne surrounding Your Forehead and Nose

Recurring acne within the forehead and nose area is especially caused due to excessive sebum and stress. Although stress and sebum production isn’t related, stress can worsen your acne. A survey conducted on 215 medical students has stated that as much as 67% of them had acne, which was triggered by stress.

Even in adult females, stress plays an important role in aggravating acne, but how it does so, remains a mystery.

A quick tip: If your acne is caused by stress, we would recommend you to apply the best moisturizer for acne prone skin before going to sleep.

Acne on your forehead could also be thanks to a variety of issues, like poor diet and pore-clogging chemicals present in hair products.

Avoid touching your forehead frequently. Unclean hands and fingers spread dirt on to your skin, which clogs the pores and causes acne.

Acne on Your Hairline

Certain hair care products, like shampoos or hair serums, contain pomades, which is a greasy and water-based substance.

Once you apply pomade on your scalp, it often irritates the skin on your forehead, especially the part on the brink of your hairline. This sort of acne is named pomade acne, which calls for quick acne facial treatment in Singapore.

Once you see that you simply have recurring acne near your hairline, understand that something’s wrong together with your hair care product(s).

The finest way to avoid it is to prevent applying that product or change the merchandise immediately. Use shampoos and products that are non-comedogenic as they don’t clog your skin pores.

Acne on the Eyebrow Area

If you’ve got acne on your eyebrows, it’s caused by an irritated follicle (caused by eyebrow or face makeup or hair care products). If you employ brow styling products, confirm they’re non-comedogenic, and you clean the applicator frequently. Hair caused by shaving, threading, and plucking eyebrows also can cause acne.

What you eat reflects on your skin. Although researchers aren’t clear about how diet affects acne, evidence proves that it does affect your breakouts. A diet high in processed foods, alcohol, and fat is often one reason for acne. Improper water intake and issues together with your gallbladder are often other factors.

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