May 24, 2024

Businessman hand pressing down password number on electronic access control machine to open the office door. Security system concept

You know you need a new window if one is broken. It should be clear that you require a new tire if your car’s tire is flat. You know what to do if a door knob falls off in your hand. You may require new locks in other situations as well, but, didn’t you know?

Here are six warning signals that your door locks need to be upgraded by a licensed Singapore Locksmith.

It does not lock or latch correctly:

It is time to repair your door hardware if it is damaged, such as if your child yanked the lever off the door or if you are unable to insert or remove the key from the lock. Other times, though, we trick ourselves into believing that the situation is adequate. The deadbolt can be a little bit stuck. Alternatively, it might latch, but only if we pull on it and keep it shut while turning the key.

In some of these situations, the door or frame may be the problem. If your lock doesn’t fit your door, consider making a few tweaks rather than spending money on new hardware.

In other instances, upgrading to a better door lever or knob is the solution. The bolt can be stuck because it was built of poor quality materials, and applying oil or moving it around won’t help. Again, to prevent these risks, use gear that has been tested.

A life-changing event happened to you:

Your house needs to change to fit your lifestyle, not the other way around. As you go from being a childless couple to having a newborn, from parenting a toddler to raising a teen, and eventually back to being empty nesters, think about how you utilize spaces differently.

At each of those stages of life, a room can require a different type of door hardware. If it weren’t a child’s room, you might have wished to be able to shut the door to your home office – Perhaps not.

Some families decide it’s preferable to switch to a passage function when selecting door locks for toddlers to prevent their child from locking himself in a room during a case of the Terrible Twos.

New hardware may be required if your marital status has changed. When families merge, new members of the home will require keys. Seeking a Lock replacement Singapore might be an excellent idea at this time, especially if you’re worried about youngsters misplacing a backup key. They can enter and exit their new house safely with their access credentials while still feeling at home. Even if it’s unpleasant to consider, changing the locks after someone has moved out may soothe your mind.

You require security you can believe in:

The most important things should be protected by locks on your front door, as well as if we’re being honest, your back door and side entry.

Check the following boxes on external deadbolts to help keep your house and family secure:

High caliber:

Your property should have door hardware that is built of high-quality materials, not cheap plastic. Look for design considerations that help defend against assaults including hammer impact, sawing, picking, and bumping. Better security and superior craftsmanship frequently go hand in hand.


Every day, numerous times a day, you utilize your door hardware, whether it’s an internal lever or an outside lock. It ought to hold up over time, functioning and seeming just as well in Year 10 as it did on Day 1. We test our locks against anything from children hanging on door levers to Mother Nature’s impact on handle sets because we know life can be tough on your house.

It is not in line with your style:

The amount of influence door hardware can have on a room’s overall appearance often astounds people. When a room has been remodeled, people don’t notice a knob or lever until the hardware stands out like a sore thumb. Consider changing your hardware to go with your new design whether you’re remodeling your entire house or just one room. A broad range of designs and finishes are available from the top door lock providers in Singapore to complement almost any property.

You’ve relocated:

Changing the locks on your doors is one of the first things you do when moving into a new home. Whoever may still possess a key from the former owners is impossible to predict. Since you’ll be replacing your locks anyhow, make sure to pick the best set for your house and household.

Do you prefer an electrical or mechanical deadbolt?

What should you expect to pay for a lock?

Everyone has a varied budget, but take into account the worth of a high-quality lock that will safeguard your property. Even a lock that is more expensive will still be cheaper than having to replace lost or stolen property. 

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