April 18, 2024
compulsory vaccination for babies in singapore

Do you have a baby in your house who will need his/her vaccines soon? Have you planned on which shots to give to the baby first? If not yet then here is a list of vital vaccination for a baby in Singapore for you.

Before you get into the list, however, let’s figure out the basic and preliminary concept behind these vaccines. A vaccine is nothing but a colony of weak microbes that you deliberately put into your body. Now, that’s a controversial comment, don’t you think?

Well, the microbes that form vaccines are too fragile to harm you in any way. Yet, they tend to be strong enough to fight against similar but fiercer germs that happen to infiltrate your body. It basically helps you strengthen your immunity against those germs.

This simple science contributes to the undeniable significance of any and every vaccine out there.

List of Vaccines that Should be Given at an Early Age:-

So, as you can see, vaccines are friendly, neighborhood microbes that fight against their own kind to protect you. They build your body’s defense mechanism against certain germ-borne diseases.

Thus, it becomes necessary to vaccinate one individual at a young age. This reduces their chances of getting affected significantly. The faster the action, the better the protection. Nonetheless, the question still remains, which are these vaccines anyways?

IPV for Polio

Polio is a disease that affects people’s nervous systems and causes highly negative impacts. It attacks the spinal chord in particular though it is safely tucked inside one’s vertebral column. This promptly results in sectional or complete paralysis.

In simple words, when Polio Viruses land on your spinal cord, it prohibits the nearby area from functioning. Subsequently, certain parts of your body that depended on the affected area of your spinal cord fall under paralysis.

This mostly ruins the movement of your limbs because that is what a spinal cord usually controls. The Polio virus can easily spread from person to person. So it is important to get IPV compulsory vaccination for babies in Singapore as soon as possible.

Hep A and Hep B for Hepatitis

You already read that Polio harms your secondary nervous system, aka the spinal cord. A Hepatitis disease however has its eyes set on one’s liver. The liver, as you may already know, is one of the most vital organs inside your body.

In fact, it is an eminent part of your digestive system. It helps in the process by secreting the infamous bile juice.

Besides, the liver holds the gall bladder, helps the filtration of blood, assists the immune system to fight germs, etc. All these contributions make the liver an irreplaceable organ. Nonetheless, when you suffer from Hepatitis, all these functions get disrupted. Thus, the significance of Hep A and Hep B vaccines at a young age.

Varicella for Chicken Pox

Changing the course a little, let us now visit a disease that chooses your skin to leave its mark on. The subtle hints certainly lead to a nasty infection of Chicken Pox. Just like the previous 2, Chicken Pox is also a virus-borne disease. Hence, it can be prevented through necessary Vaccination For Baby In Singapore.

The clear symptom of this disease is prominent and painful rashes all over the body. Despite being a disease that affects one on a superficial level, it still gets its victims into bed rest. Sometimes, the rashes may even leave permanent marks but that can be prevented with proper care.

Influenza for Flu

Flu is a very common disease, not only in kids but also adults. Though you may already know quite clearly about this disease, a quick discussion on it still seems relevant. The virus that causes flu goes straight to the lungs and creates havoc there. As a result, the affected person experiences obvious breathing problems which you can treat with the Influenza vaccine.

Nonetheless, it also extends its territory to the nose and trachea, which is in your throat. Consequently, breathing complications increase. However, the revelation also adds other symptoms to the concoction like severe coughing, sneezing, throat ache, sore throat, etc. The flu may not be chronic or malignant, but it is still very annoying.

MMR for Measles, Mumps, and Rubella

Now, an MMR vaccine is capable enough to tackle three vicious diseases like Measles, Mumps, and Rubella. Consequently, their elimination demands your attention through compulsory vaccination for babies in Singapore.

Measles is again a respiratory tract disease with obvious symptoms. Mumps, however, affects the salivary glands in one’s buccal cavity and cause problems like fever, headache, and appetite loss. Third is Rubella which causes skin rash, fever, and sore throat.

All three have different viruses marking their origin. An MMR vaccine combines these three viruses and creates a mixture of antidotes that prevents all three.

RV for Rotavirus

Unlike any other symptoms discussed before, Rotavirus disease causes difficult diarrhea. The virus affects the digestive system and messes up one’s metabolism. It affects both children and adults while including more symptoms like urine problems, dry buccal cavity, dizziness, lethargy, and more.

Certainly, an RV vaccination for a baby In Singapore can prevent Rotavirus from rooting in your body in the first place. Nevertheless, if it still does, the medications and treatment are quite simple and easily available.

PCV for Pneumonia

With Pneumonia, the saga of respiratory diseases continues. Unlike the previous ones though, Pneumonia can be quite harmful and even fatal. Furthermore, the disease comes from a bacterium instead of a virus. The name of the bacterium is Streptococcus pneumoniae.

It affects the lungs and causes the organs to inflame. Consequently, the sac-like structures fill up with certain fluids that make breathing extensively difficult.

If not treated immediately, the air sacs continue filling up until they eventually become solid from the puss. As a result, severe breathing problems start occurring in the host body.

DTaP for Diptheria, Tetanus and Pertussis  

DTaP once again comprises the cure of not one but three diseases. They are Diptheria, Tetanus and Pertussis. Similar to MMR, DTaP to comprises antidotes to three different bacteria.

Diphtheria is a bacterial disease that causes inflammation in mucous membranes which leads to problems in breathing and swallowing. Whereas, Tetanus happens when you receive deep cuts from sharp objects. Pertussis is, however, another bacterial infection that makes patients cough continuously.

BCG for Tuberculosis

Lastly, we have the BCG vaccine for Tuberculosis disease. TB is yet another lung complication caused by bacteria. It is easily curable though.


These are some important you can get for your babies right away. Now it is up to you and your consultant doctors. Get your advice and prescriptions as soon as possible though. After all, is your responsibility to ensure disease-free lives for your little ones.

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